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7 Incredibly Practical Reasons to Do PPC for Your IT Firm

Anyone who runs a business or works with any kind of online advertising will no doubt be aware of the concept of PPC (pay per click).

Google Adwords is the original game changer, allowing anyone to research their market and pick a set of keywords such as ‘IT Company in New York’ with the aim of getting your company right at the top of the search listing.

Of course, the choice for PPC is now much broader than just Google.

Facebook ad campaigns, Bing and even sites like Instagram and Pinterest now have a stake in the targeted advertising market.

You probably already know that PPC is one of the best ‘unfair advantage’ options when it comes to advertising.

Most people searching online only click on the top 5 or ten links at most, so why would you plug away at SEO only for your best efforts to see you on page three.

Nice guys finish last, as they say.

So these are the main reasons to invest in some PPC for your IT firm this year.


Drive Social Engagement

With sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest you’re working with word of mouth and peer interest. Ideally people would discover your business, be so impressed they repost their experience on social media and hey presto, people flock to you as the first choice in your industry.

Sure it isn’t always like that, which is why investing in a PPC campaign on social media is a great way to boost your followers.

You can choose to advertise a blog post, a product launch or even just your general site.

What this means is that your page will look super popular with all those extra followers, meaning others will be more likely to trust, engage, follow and share.

It’s Actually Quite Affordable

Although some people think that pay per click campaigns are expensive (they certainly can be, no question), you can make them very affordable.

The trick is to find the less obvious search terms and target those.

Sure, you may not be getting the volume of searches, but you should be getting meaningful searches, less competition and more chance of click through.


Target Phrases You Don’t Organically Rank For

With all that SEO you’ve done (you have done some SEO right?) you will surely be ranking high for a few terms which are relevant to your industry.

That’s fine, but sometimes you want to push an aspect of your business but without having to mess about optimizing parts of your site for certain phrases.

That’s where PPC comes in.

Maybe you’re pushing a contracted business support angle or you need more ad-hoc clients?

You can pick terms like ‘best business support in….’ or ‘best value IT service in…’ even if you don’t have much in the way of content on your site.


Monitor Search Terms

One thing with PPC campaigns is you can see how many clicks, where your visitors are coming from, which terms are working and who is buying.

This all means you can see, with evidence, what works for your business.

Some searches terms that you may think work well actually underperform and then you may find some surprises too.

With future marketing campaigns you’ll be able to use this research to optimize even better.


You Don’t Need To Wait

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is great. It’s free (well, sort of) and you can have fun making all sorts of useful content and watching your site climb the rankings.

Which all takes a lot of time…

With PPC you set up the terms you want to rank for, set your budget and sit back. Before you know it there will be click through, leads and even sales – much quicker than waiting for organic search results.

If time is money to your business then this will surely be as good a reason as any to get stuck in.

Target and Monitor Your Market

Using PPC campaigns you can choose areas of interest to you and your company.

Based in England but want to target the world? You can spread your net as wide as you want… Trying to drive local interest in your services? Just pay for advertising in your town or region.

As the campaign goes on you’ll be able to see where your clicks come from and you can always tweak your campaign if you need.

It Is Effective

For all the pros and cons, it comes down to one simple fact.

Pay per click is effective. If you want to chart at number one, or even just be visible on the top of the Google/Bing search page then getting your wallet out works every time.

You’ve heard the term ‘speculate to accumulate’?

Well, if your business is looking to make some more money then you will be best served putting aside a good budget to really drive traffic and ultimately sales to your site.

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