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Adwords White Labelling – How to Partner with an Expert PPC Agency

Many agencies including web development, app, and digital marketing agencies are finding that their clients are requesting help with their PPC campaigns, but unfortunately they lack this experience in-House.

So, they struggle to find the Adwords and PPC talent they need to service their clients needs successfully. Often, the solution is to either hire a ppc expert, which can be expensive of course or work with an Adwords expert or agency on a white label basis.

The latter option works well for many reasons including saving on payroll costs; the ability to terminate the relationship easily if it’s not working and also the ability to quickly get PPC help without needing to train anyone.

So, here are some tips to follow if you are looking for an Adwords White labelling partner – just make sure they sign an NDA:

How will you set them up on your MCC?

One of the important things to think about when partnering with a PPC agency is how they will have access to your client’s accounts. Obviously you should have a Manager account, formerly known as a My Client Centre (MCC) account for quick and easy access to these accounts.

My advice would not be to hand out login details, whether it’s your primary MCC account or the individual clients accounts. Instead, you could create a separate email for the Adwords partner agency and then setup a sub-MCC account which you can grant access to all accounts in your main MCC or specific accounts.

This is most likely the best way to go about granting them access and ensures that it is all fully white labelled and only your details are seen by clients and overall security is maintained for all concerned.

At the end of the AdWords white label agreement you can then easily remove them from the MCC and remove the email address too and not have to change passwords and login details.

Pick A Specialist

There are countless full service agencies out there, all claiming to be specialists in 7 or more services such as SEO, PPC, Digital PR, web development, graphic design and other services.

Partnering with an agency that specialises in Google Adwords is better. However, you will be better off with an agency that has specialist skills in Paid Search or Google Shopping or Display Advertising etc. This level of granularity is what will help you pick a truly specialist agency.

Google Adwords is a big platform with many channels including Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Gmail Ads, Universal Apps, and Video. It would be almost impossible to be a specialist in such a wide range of platforms in Google Adwords.

Check out their portfolio

Check out who they have worked with in the past and it should closely match your agencies target market. So, if you are focused on B2B sectors then look for an Adwords partner that has experience in this area.

This is because understanding the buying habits of the target market will inform the AdWords strategy you implement. This kind of customer knowledge comes about from years of working on such campaigns and achieving key goals and KPI targets.

Don’t go cheap

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, as the saying goes. This is perhaps the biggest mistake that agencies make when looking for an Adwords white label partner.

Of course the Adwords partner you indentify should have reasonable rates that also motivates them to focus all their efforts on your clients accounts. If not, they will spend little time managing these accounts and instead focus on accounts that have better rates for them.

PPC management rates differ from one agency to another however research carried out by the Wow company reveals that the average agency rate is £86. That will differ from service to service but understanding this rate will help you find the right Adwords agency partner.

Find out how we here at NCube Digital can white label for your agency and the experience we have developed over the years doing this for many agencies in the UK.

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