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Is AdWords Still Effective for Testing an Idea?

AdWords is one of the best platforms for testing an idea. It allows you to quickly get your product or service in front of a targeted audience that is either searching or fits the demographic profile.

Firstly, you need a website or landing page to promote your idea. Next, you setup your AdWords account and then create a campaign and finally advertise your product or service.

Some important metrics to monitor as you test your idea are impressions, clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions. They help you assess performance and know if your idea is viable in the market.

Here are some reasons why testing an idea with AdWords is still effective:

AdWords has volume

This is one of the benefits of Adwords advertising.There is sufficient volume to test your idea on the different platforms including Search, Display, Video and others.

For Search campaigns, you’re targeting people that are searching for your product or service. However, if you are testing a completely new idea in the market, it’s possible that no one is actually searching for that. So you are unlikely to get a substantial amount of impressions and clicks.

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be a viable option in such a case. You can use it to reach your target market, who may not be searching for your product or service at that point, but are viewing sites that are related to the industry.

GDN presents you with more targeting options than Search including placement targeting, demographics, in-market audiences, topics, Gmail Ads, Remarketing, interests and others.

So it’s the perfect platform for raising interest and awareness for your new idea.

Results are instant

Adwords results are instant too. Within hours you can see whether your ads are working or not. This is especially true if your keywords have sufficient search volume.

So, after receiving 100 clicks for example, what are your metrics telling you. Is engagement on the page high or are visitors bouncing?

Has anyone made contact or placed an item in the basket? Whatever idea you’re testing, make sure you are tracking the metrics that matter. And don’t give up if the results are not as expected.

This is the time to tweak the ads and keywords based on performance and add new ones when required.

 AdWords is affordable

Unlike other forms of advertising, AdWords is affordable because you can control how much you spend easily and can direct budget towards the best performing assets.

That means there is very little wastage. So no scatter-gun approach is required. You target people and businesses that are searching for your products or services.

This kind of targeting is unique to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Google is the major player in this field. Bing Ads is a distant second, but is also a viable option to target your market.

Easy to launch

Setting up an AdWords campaign can be done in under an hour. And within a few hours of launching the campaign and Ads being approved, you will start to receive traffic to your website and test your idea.

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