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PPC for Lawyers – How To Maximise Your AdWords Campaigns & Increase Conversions

The good news for law firms and solicitors is that Adwords is proving a very effective channel to increase website traffic and conversions with their targeted audiences. As an inbound channel, visitors are highly qualified and are looking for a solicitor or a lawyer to solve whatever it is they are looking for.

The bad news though is that many competitors are turning to this channel too and although that is not totally bad, this has seen an increase in average Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) and it’s normal to see rates of £5 on average.

So, this means just setting up a campaign and hoping that business will increase is a hopeless endeavour. What is required is an effective Adwords strategy that goes beyond the basics of doing keyword research and launching text ads.

Here are some tips to take your advertising to the next level and differentiate from competitors and reach the right prospects:


Use as many ad extensions as possible

Over the last 24 months Google has changed the ad results pages significantly and advertisers that are taking full advantage of this are seeing great results in Click Through Rates, Quality Scores, Ad Rank, Conversions and more.

This means as an advertiser of a professional service, you should take full advantage of this to differentiate from competitors and achieve your advertising goals. And that begins with writing great Ad Copy that makes full use of the available character space.

Next, you should use all the most applicable ad extensions including sitelinks, callouts, call, message, structured snippets, reviews and price.

Including all the applicable extensions will help you to occupy more space in the search results and you will gain more prominence and higher CTRs.

Also, include descriptions for the sitelinks, and these will appear at times when your Ad is in position 1.


Optimise your landing pages

Your landing page is where most of the action takes place – or should take place. The ad will be the first thing searchers see about your business and it should be a good introduction to what they will find on your landing pages. The ad will not say all there is to know about your service – that is the job of the landing page.

Some features that you should have on your landing pages are:

⁃ call to action – tell your website visitors what you want them to do. Is it to call you, or download a white paper or use your contact form? Whatever it is, you should make it explicit and it should be visible ‘above the fold’ when they land on the page and at the end of the page, ideally.

⁃ Contact form – this can work as your call to action and tests reveal that website visitors are much more likely to contact if you have a form and not just an email address. This is especially true for mobile visitors, who can easily fill a form in seconds

⁃ Benefit-laden Copy – include copy that speaks to your target audience and has benefits that describe what they are looking for. Ideally this should be easily digestible and available in bulleted points to highlight key features.


Setup call tracking and use google forwarding number

Call tracking allows you to see which campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, search terms, locations, devices, days, hours and more are driving calls to your business. As a service business, connecting with prospects over the phone will be important and you can make that a lot easier for your prospects by including a call extension with a google forwarding number for tracking purposes

It’s true that many professional service businesses prefer instead to show their own number because it is an important part of their marketing strategy. So, a google forwarding number is not something they want to appear with their ads.

Bear in mind though that the forwarding numbers that show up with your ad will have a similar area code to yours and although will be different from your actual number, it will still help with your branding. However, you cannot promote the forwarding number as your own.

Without this tracking, it will be harder to optimise your campaigns and bid higher for the assets that are bringing you the best returns. Another option to solve this without using a Google Forwarding number is to setup a Call Only campaign


Include a strong USP

A unique selling point is important because it helps differentiate your ads from the many others on Google. With a good USP you will see a good Click Through Rate for your ads and that will help to increase relevant traffic and therefore lead to more conversions and calls.

A USP is any customer benefit that only your business has and cannot be replicated easily by competitors. Coming up with one is a challenge that all businesses face and is not limited to law firms. Without a USP or unique benefits, your service is just a commodity and prospects have no strong incentive to contact your law firm.

A USP can be as simple as how you deliver your service. Think of Dominos Pizza and how they guarantee delivery in 30 minutes or you pay nothing. Similar to your business, you can create a unique benefit in service delivery or affordability that competitors cannot match.


Call Only Campaign

This is a variant of a Search campaign and it’s aim is to get you calls instead of website clicks. The one other major difference is that call only ads appear only on devices that allow people to calls like Smartphones, whereas Search and other campaign types can appear on all device types – tablets and PC included.

So the aim of a Call Only Campaign is to get as many quality calls as possible for the available budget. So clicks are not registered and all you will see when someone interacts with your ad is a call.

use ad scheduling to show ads on specific days and hours:

As a law firm, advertising during periods when you are available to answer queries is important. So that would normally equate to running ads from Mon – Fri between 8am – 6pm and using ad scheduling or day parting tools in campaign settings


Are you tired of achieving poor results with your Adwords campaigns? Contact us to find out how I can help and request a free Adwords audit to find out how to improve things

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