Case Study

10% Conversion Uplift for Luxury Watch Retailer

Conversion metrics are the macro metrics that every retailer and e-business should be tracking and working to improve. In the case of our client, a luxury watch retailer based in the UK, conversions were low and many of the shopping campaign searches were generic and not specific enough to achieve a good conversion rate and ROI.

Chronoedge is a retailer of luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Frank Muller and many others. As an etailer, they don’t have many of the overheads and challenges associated with luxury watch retailers and they offer prices that are very competitive compared to mainstream retailers.

The Challenge

With high traffic volumes from Google Shopping and Paid search ads, it has been difficult for this retailer to determine which traffic sources are genuine shoppers looking for a new or pre-owned luxury watch from searchers who are just curious about these highly sought after products.

One main challenge is that they were getting less than 10% of impressions for their shopping lists and were missing out on over 90% of traffic because of budget, as seen in the Impression Share report. So they weren’t looking to increase their budget, but to ensure that all traffic received is highly targeted.

However, even with a large negative keyword list of high traffic generic keywords like ‘Rolex’ ‘Omega’ ‘Tag Heuer’, this wasn’t making a dent on the huge amount of traffic that they were exposed to (targeting on shopping ads is not as precise as search ads because you can’t use keywords).

The second challenge was to find highly targeted keywords and create a campaign for each watch brand that they stock.

The Solution

To filter out traffic that we felt would not lead to conversions for this client, we created new campaigns for each of the top watches and built ads and ad groups for product part numbers and also included purchase intent pre-qualifiers for make and model watch keywords.

The part numbers keyword volumes are low individually, so we weren’t getting much results from the Adwords keyword planner tool, so we had to be creative with building keyword lists around these product part numbers.

We also completed an extensive keyword research task and using the search terms report for the past 6 months, we built a negative list for the shopping campaign, to narrow the volume of searches and ensure that they are getting highly targeted searches for their products.

We have seen an 18% increase in CTR and over 10% increase in call conversions.